Insolvency Administration

The lawyers at Kanzlei Wittmann have been entrusted to handle insolvencies and receiverships before many courts for more than 20 years.

All of our lawyers working in this area are highly specialized and have many years of experience. It’s part of our philosophy to be on top of the latest developments in judicial matters and legislation, through education and training. This allows us to successfully take on numerous cases of any order of magnitude.

One of our strengths is involving the various interest groups in our decision making, in order to find a viable solution. The restructuring of remediable companies and parts of companies is a matter of particular importance to us.

We continue the operations of insolvent companies, if this is economically sound and in the interest of all involved. We see this as a vital prerequisite to preserving jobs.

With all our activities, we keep in mind the importance that all work by the insolvency administrator, fiduciary and official receiver shall assume a high level of integrity.


With the Creditor Information System (Gläubiger-Informations-System, or GIS) you can receive online information on current insolvency proceedings, lodge claims, and view claims and audit findings. Simply select the desired proceedings. To enter, click on the following link:

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We also assist companies and business owners for all reorganization and restructuring measures in pre-insolvency situations.


We also assist companies and business owners with all restructuring measures in pre-insolvency situations.